About The Council

The Council of Youth and Children Organizations represents 18 educational youth organizations. Approximately 150,000 participants, over 2,000 staff members and 12,000 volunteers, thousands of youth counselors, hundreds of student volunteers and tens of thousands of graduates. Our mission: provide the Israeli youth organizations options to expand, influence and fulfill their visions, both  separately and together.

The council was established in 2013, due to the initiative of the organizations’ CEOs. They had a goal: unite, represent and organize the joint effort of various youth organizations, and operate together in the field of informal education.

The council is registered and operates as a Non-profit organization, according to the Israeli Voluntary Associations Act. The council’s activity is subsidized by its member youth organizations, as declared in the Youth and Children Organizations Act. Other subsidizes comes from various institutions and funds whom we’re addressing these days.

The member organizations are of different shapes and sizes, and appeal to different populations; some are more established than others, some are bigger than others. There are various youth organizations, of several nations and religions: there are Jews, Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Jewish orthodox, conservatives and secular, not to mention Olim (עולים), immigrants, gay youth and so on. All of those seldom share mutual values and often perceived as operating in contrast to one another. Still, in the benefit of the Israeli youth, they all choose to stand together and work with one another. With all of this on our plate, the council fosters, from its very beginning, cooperation and synergistic action in the spirit of democracy on all levels, out of the understanding of the immense importance of solidarity among the different populations in the Israeli society.

The Need

Only 30% of the Israeli children and youth take part in significantly valuable educational activities on a regular basis. This percentage is even smaller in the weaker neighborhoods and the disadvantaged populations. Particularly in the Israeli society, with its rich cultures and various population groups, alongside the growth and development there are cracks and differences. These cracks threaten the very existence of our society, which holds dearest the values of justice, compassion and equality. A part of our job is to make sure such cracks would seize of existing.

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